Strategic and Policy Advisor Igar Introduces the new Make America Great Disnay.

Disnay is working hard to mirror the new values and visions of the King.

This week he opens the fantastic Ivanka Realm to replace the Magic Kingdom and its devil worshipping.

A press release explains some of the characters new identities.  And there is a rumor that dad’s can grab all the pussy they want.  Teaching the next generation of men’s inalienable rights is a Disnay goal.

Alice is a drug pusher who deals acid to children.

Aladdin is a Muslim thief with a homosexual tendency toward carpets.

Cinderella is an interloper controlled by witches.

Flik is a slave who risks our lives by instigating the enemy.

Dory is a pot smoking accomplice to pet kidnapping and destruction of property.

Elsa is burned at the stake at noon each day being a “snowflake” traitor witch.

Joy is a sinful woman trying to brainwash our sons into being feeling homos.

Mowgli is an illegal immigrant’s (they are hidden in the park for kids to play arrest) spawn who runs around our park in his underwear talking crazy to animals.

Mufasa is a militant African who tried to kill our King.   Prince Donnie Jr.

shots him and his heir Simba.

Ariel is an Irish illegal immigrant obsessed with kidnapping hero Prince Barron.

Mary Poppins is a witch doctor who not only supports constitutional traitors but also actively engages in terrorizing our children.

We will keep you posted when more of this change is revealed.  The suspense is super.

Russmerican are given preference for new jobs related to reimagining our FAILING fundamental infrastructure.  Serge Kisback says he is thankful for the Russian/American integration and the weather in Florida is so much better than Siberia.






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