Trumpland 2021

When the rogue party Apple Pie Alliance was squashed and its members sent to a large prison island previously called Australia and now called Bigly Guantanamo, our king declared us safe and warned anyone who was not loyal to him might be sent to live on the horrible prison island.

However, there have been reports that there is strange activity in this island.

  1. They are living like animals with no ruler or congress.  Lawless heathens.
  2. For some reason they all wear pink hats.  Such a curiosity!
  3. There are these strange sounds emanating  from the area.  Bird like music, a booming “ha ha ha”, and so many different voices talking all strange over the music like from the piano at church.

There is talk of tours to the area to observe these abnormal humans.

The luxury tours would also involve capturing one and have it in a cage for your stay.  And for your safety the SS Trump Gold will be your accommodations. The luxury aircraft carrier is the pride of the king’s armada.



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